90 Day General Warranty Agreement:

All parts come with a 90 day replacement or money-back guarantee (to be determined by Heritage staff) unless otherwise stated. Terms and policies are as follows:

Non-defective and unneeded parts are normally non-returnable, it is up to the acting manager’s sole discretion. If such a return is allowed, it will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Warranty begins at time of delivery (not at time of installation).  Warranty is void if part is disassembled in any way without Heritage’s consent.  No labor of any kind, additional supplies used in the installation process, or towing is included in this warranty.  Claims resulting from overheating, accident, abuse, neglect, alteration, improper maintenance, or improper installation will not be honored (we reserve the right to have a third party mechanic ensure parts were properly installed in event of dispute). Unauthorized returns will not be honored Return merchandise authorization must be given prior to return.  All returned parts must have Heritage’s original markings/numbers. Parts that were ordered in error or were not needed are not returnable. Shipping and return costs are refunded at our discretion; we do not cover return shipping on non-defective items.

Please read further explanations and clarifications for your specific parts to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Extended Warranties

I. SILVER-One year (12 months) parts only, with unlimited miles +10%
II. SILVER PLUS-One year (12 months) parts and limited labor warranty +20%
*Labor based on Mitchell’s national hourly job rate at the current national average labor rate. Labor capped at 50% of cost of part.

III. GOLD-Two year (24 months) parts only limited warranty +25%

IV. PLATINUM-Two year (24 months) parts and limited labor warranty +35%
*Labor based on Mitchell’s national hourly job rate at the current national average labor rate. Labor capped at 50% of cost of part.

*It is the intent of Heritage Used Car and Truck Parts to see that each warranty claim is handled in a quick and professional fashion. Labor warranty will be paid at the Mitchell’s national hourly job rate at the current national average labor rate. This is meant to offset the price of labor incurred, it is not intended to cover the full labor fee. It entails 1 replacement part and 1 paid labor. Labor rates are restricted to 50% of part value.

Bolt-on Parts Warranty

Includes, but is not limited to:  alternators, starters, power steering pumps, AC compressors, steering gears/racks, throttle bodies, turbos, etc.
Items are sold as good, working used parts. Any electrical sensors that may be included are not covered (examples of non-covered items would be TPS sensors and IACV on throttle bodies). The only exception is mass air flow sensors/meters; airflow meters are covered by our warranty.

Depending on application the pulleys may need to be changed on alternators and power steering pumps. All AC compressors include the clutch and pulley. The clutch and pulley assembly is covered by our warranty. Steering gears/racks may include tie rod ends; however, we do not cover the tie rod ends (we always recommend replacing them with new ones).

Interior Parts Warranty

Includes, but is not limited to: interior trim pieces, shifters, rear view mirrors, bezels, temperature controls, etc.
All items are in as described condition. If you are not happy with the appearance of an item, please let us know. We do our best to describe them accurately. Temperature controls are sold as good working units.

Engine Warranty

All engines are sold as used long blocks (block & heads). These engines are sold with the understanding that wiring, sensors, fuel systems, manifolds, etc. may need to be changed to fit your application (these items may or may not be on the engine). Our warranty covers the block and heads only. All seals, gaskets, and filters must be replaced before install. Some items may be left on the engine for customer’s convenience; however, they are not covered under warranty. Examples of non-covered parts would be: intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, throttle bodies, fuel rails, fuel injectors, EGR valves, other emissions parts, wiring, crank sensors, cam sensors, other electrical sensors, valve covers, distributors, carburetors, flywheels, etc.

Transmission and Transfer Case Warranty

All transmissions and transfer cases are sold as good used units. Most automatic transmissions will include the torque convertor unless otherwise stated. We do not cover any part of the clutch system; clutch replacement is always recommended. Transmissions are drained prior to shipping; proper fluid levels (including that of the torque converter) must be followed. Manufacturer’s specified fluid types must be used. All seals, gaskets, and filters must be replaced prior to install. Any cables, mounts, external sensors, and linkages are not covered.

Body Panel and Sheet Metal Warranty

Hoods, fenders, trunks, hatches, quarters, doors, beds, bumpers, core supports etc. are guaranteed to be non-rusty and paintable parts with minimal damage. Paint is never guaranteed (neither the condition nor the color). Small dings, scratches, and paint damage are to be expected. We provide photos to show condition as best possible. Electrical parts inside doors are not guaranteed (such as lock actuators, window motors, and regulators). Interior door panels may or may not be included (condition is not guaranteed).

Electrical Part Warranty

Instrument and speedometer clusters do not have guaranteed mileage. On certain vehicles the customer will need to take the cluster to a dealership to have the unit reprogrammed.

Electrical items such as engine computers, body control modules, transmission modules, transfer case modules are only guaranteed to be good working parts (however, we do not guarantee that it will fix your car’s specific problem). Many computers require an exact service number match; it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure our provided module numbers are compatible with their specific application.

Many modules may need to be reset by the dealer. In the event that this is required, Heritage Used Car and Truck Parts, LLC will not cover any units until the customer provides written documentation from an Authorized Dealer stating that the part was reprogrammed and was still not functioning properly. Electrical parts that have been modified in any way will not be refunded.

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